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Summer 2019 Constellation Ink Sampler


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Product Description

This boxes is a Limited Release sampler of our new Constellation Inks! This sampler includes one vial of each of the summer glitter inks, Sagittarius (blue), Virgo (auburn), Leo (orange). In addition, there's a sheet of stickers or mini postcards and a pen so you can start using your inks right away! About the ink: This box features our first ever glitter ink. Glitter ink is fun to write with but needs a little extra care to keep it flowing through your pen. Here are some ground rules: 1. Don't store the ink in your pen longer than 7 days 2. Make sure to rinse out your pen after you're done using glitter ink to get all the glitter out of the pen. 3. If you do experience some flow issues or the pen just won't write, soak the nib gently in some warm water to clear the blockage. 4. Before filling your pen, gently rock the ink vial back and forth to distribute the glitter evenly throughout the vial. Pictures are a good example of what you might get but note that there is some variance between each box - they're unique! Hungry for more ink? Full sized bottles to be released soon!

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